Plastic Thin-wall Container Molding Service

With the improvement of people's living, plastic thin-wall products have been widely used in our daily life. And Sino Holdings Group could help molding and deliver the plastic thin-wall containers for you.

Why SHG offers the thin-wall container molding service?

It’s well known that thin-wall containers are easy for transportation and storage, it always comes with low cost but higher production, and however, it is heavy to start a factory for manufacturing various containers at once. Thus, Sino Holdings Group provides the injection molding service for plastic thin-wall containers to our customers.

What thin-wall containers can be manufactured in SHG?

What you can find in the market about plastic thin-wall containers can be included to SHG thin-wall container molding service, such as fast food boxes, disposable cups, cookies boxes, salad containers and etc.

Why choosing SHG for your thin-wall containers molding?

The expert experience of Sino Holdings Group for plastic thin-wall containers molding can be typically shown in three aspects:

1. The outstanding thin-wall container injection moulds.

These plastic container moulds are from Sino Mould (subsidiary of SHG), and it is the quality guarantee when regarding the Sino Mould. The highlights of thin-wall container moulds:
- Longer mould life
- Fantastic Cooing
- Easy Maintainable mould structure
Those are all based on the professional mould design and precision tooling equipment.

2. The amazing performance in DKM-HH machine.

The DKM-HH high speed injection moulding machine is designed for molding thin-wall containers, which achieve the perfect production capacity thanks to more than 10 years’ continuous innovation and improvement. The min. cycle time can be 2.8 seconds!

3. The professional teams.

There are first-class teams for moulds and machines designing, manufacturing and service, so that we could provide the best thin-wall containers and service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

So if you are looking a reliable plastic molding company for your thin-wall containers, welcome to contact us for details.

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