How to Save the Cost of Logistics Company Cost by Foldable Crate?

Cost saving on purchase, transportation, storage and management is one of the plastic Foldable Crates highlights. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is the unanimous goal pursued by all logistics companies. Controlling logistics costs has naturally become the focus of their attention, which increasi...



SHG-D Foldable Crate Test - Compressive Strength

SHG-D - D Series Large Foldable Container - makes it unique by its high strength. It's common that the crates shall be stacked no matter for storage or transport, which requires excellent strength especially for such large foldable crates! Hence, here show you the SHG-D crate test for compressive stre...



SHG Folding Crate C Series

SHG folding crate C series is a space saving solution to simplify all tasks of logistics warehousing. Top highlights: easy to folding and unfolding, save much cost for transport when it is empty, and easy to store when it folds flat (not in use).



How to Use SHG Foldable Crates

Use plastic foldable crates correctly could prolong the crate life. Foldable Crates could be regarded as upgraded plastic crates, for saving room about 75-80% when not be used. Hence, plastic foldable crates save cost on transportation and storage.Here are some tips for using SHG plastic foldable crates:1...