SHG Thin Wall Plastic Containers

SHG offers extensive solutions of thin wall plastic containers for packaging industry, to meet the demand of minimizing container weight and stringent performance regulations. SHG thin wall plastic containers segment team keeps on contacting with sales team to learn customers' feedback and concen...



SHG Collapsible Plastic Crates for Fruit and Vegetables

There are some models of SHG collapsible plastic crates designed for processing and shipping of fruit and vegetables. These collapsible plastic crates are applied widely in agriculture, supermarkets and other retail stores for fruit or vegetables. Two Types SHG Collapsible Plastic Crates for Fruit an...



SHG-1218D Foldable Plastic Pallet Box for Sale

SHG collapsible plastic pallet boxes model 1218D are in hot sale, kindly check the following information to find that if this model are right for you. Specification of SHG-1218D Foldable Plastic Pallet BoxDimensions: 1200 * 1000 * 860mmVolume: 700LPart Weight: 42kg (46kg while with lid)Loading Weight...



45L Collapsible Container

SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container is popular for its durable ability with room saving when not in use and cost saving on transport and replacement, and it could be used for organization around the home, office, or ware house… Check more about SHG-H 45L collapsible container here.