SHG Collapsible Storage Box

Does your factory still use the old Crate? The old Crate not only covers a large area, but also increases the transportation cost...  Check out Foldable Crate by Sino!  To give you. SINO Holding Group is China's largest manufacturer and exporter of Foldable Containers and Crates, l...



45L Collapsible Container

SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE is China famous manufacturer and exporter of plastic foldable crates.SINO SHG plastic foldable crate-C series.For C series, we have two versions. C1 series and C2 series, C1 series is close version, without hole in the side wall. C2 series is ventilation version ,with hole in the side...



The Introduction of SHG Foldable Crate

SHG is the world-famous brand, which owns the most complete variety of foldable crates. Our main series are foldable crate A series, foldable crate B series, foldable crate C series, foldable crate D series, Foldable Crate F Series and foldable crate H series.&...



Collapsible Container

Collapsible Container, SHG is an industry leading manufacturer of collapsible containers. It owns the most complete various and foldable crates.SHG foldable crates has more than 120 different sizes and design, meet the needs of all walks of life.SHG foldable crates have A series,B series,C series, D serie...