Plastic Pallet Container Production Line

As an outstanding plastic pallet container injection molding line supplier in China, DKM is committed to delivery satisfying service for starting plastic pallet container molding line with the complete solution, including: 

   - choosing the most suitable Injection Molding Machine for your plastic pallet container
   - designing and making the best pallet container Moulds 
   - offering the necessary auto-loader Auxiliary Equipment (auto-loader, chiller, cold water tower, air compressor, etc.)
   - suggesting Automation Equipment for more efficient and safer production 
    - helping installation and commissioning via Engineer Service
    - Technical Service Online 7*24

As the plastic pallet container injection molding machines and moulds belong to heavy equipment and tools, there are higher basic guarantee for the production of large machines and molds, kindly check what we have done for it:

200 tons of load-bearing and lifting load on the floor and lifting device of the workshop;

Equipped with 6000 mm * 30000 mm * 26000 mm stroke CNC milling machine.

Besides, DKM has rich experience in large injection molding machines while the subsidiary company Sino Mould in large logistics pallet container moulds. And we have made a comprehensive optimization of the pallet container mould design to ensure that the mould can withstand high pressure injection for long-term running. As we know pretty well that plastic injection molding with low MFI must be adopted according to the requirement of durability of the container.

One of DKM Pallet Container Molding Projects

DKM 4000 Tons servo injection molding machine + 1000L logistics pallet container mould + Robot +auxiliary equipment, this whole production line, it took about Seven Months from the project starting to mass production: the pallet container molding line was delivered within 5 months, and the transportation time:1 month, on-site installation for 1 month, debugging & training for 2 weeks.

Start Your Plastic Pallet Container Production Line By DKM

If you are planning to start your plastic Pallet Container (Pallet Box, Bulk Containers, Industry Container Bins…) manufacturing business, welcome to contact us for a quick start. The perfect one stop solutions for pallet container molding are here for you with DKM professional team.

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