Foldable Crate - H series

Foldable Crate - H series


External dimension: 540*370*260 mm

Inner size:505*345*254mm

Folding size: 52mm


Stacking:5-7 layers

Loading Weight:25kg 

Volume:  45L

Material: PP

Optional colors: red, green,blue 

The Model543726 foldable crate is widely popular due to its excellent durability. It saves space and transportation and replacement costs,and can be folded and stored when not in use. It is widely used in households, offices, logistics, and warehousing industries.

Unfolding the Foldable Plastic Crate in ONE second

Folding the Foldable Plastic Crate in TWO seconds

Foldable Crate - H series Specification

Foldable Crate - H series advantages

Room saving as it could be folded when it is not in use

Sturdy and clean storing and stacking

Easy to carry

Easy to transport for large amount

Easy to clean by water or wet cloth

Designed for maximum load capacity of 25kg

Various Applications of Foldable Crate - H series

Use at Home
Storing Clothes
Storing Toys
Storing Home Tools
Storing Things at Utility Room

Use at Office
Storing Files
Storing Office Supplies
Storing of Personal Belongings

Sturdy, Big Volume and Space Saving – makes our life and work easier - everything is in perfect order!

*The maximum load bearing design is 25kg.

*Material acid and alkali resistant, leak-proof, impact resistant, high strength.

*Rugged and easy to store and stack.

*Easy to carry and transport.

Guarantee Time:usually it is one year. Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.

Spare Parts:SHG will prepare a certain amount of spare parts for replacement; it depends on the quality and customers’ requirement.

Delivery Time:On time. It depends on the order amount and customers’ requirement.

Custom Logo or Words: Screen Printing or other way required

Custom Color:allowed when the quantity meet the amount.

Custom Size:available when huge amount.

Molding Service & Support

*Box light to 1.03KG.

*Maximum load capacity up to 25KG.

*Material strength high bearing bar.

MoldingMed is a top plastic foldable crate manufacturer in China which was established in 2007. MoldingMed is committed to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of plastic injection machine, molds and plastic foldable crates. We have a strong work team with over 50 engineers whom specialized in the development and research of the latest crates mold design, the updating and improvement of mold structure.

     Now we have gain great achievements in 43 new projects, including mold design, machinery manufacturing and plastic foldable crates. MoldingMed focus on offer perfect solutions, technology and service support to customers all over the world. With excellent management measures and high-quality concept, We will adhere to the concept that technology and quality drive development and continue to create miracles.

     We can offer OEM & ODM service to any customers for any plastic products.We are sincerely looking forward to your visit.

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