Foldable Crate - C series

Foldable Crate - C series


External dimension:600*400*280mm

Inner size: 555*356*257mm

Folding size: 600*400*75.6mm



Loading Weight: 35kg

Volume: 50L

Material: pp

Optional colors: Blue

MoldingMed foldable crate – C series adopt inner folding way design, combines the advantage of saving transportation cost, easy installation and easy to handle, it has a great demand in the world market. Our C series foldable crates are widely used in industry, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

For C series folding crate, we have two versions. C1 is close version, without hole in the side wall. C2 is ventilation version, it has hole in the side wall. Meanwhile, both of C1 & C2 are without hole in the bottom. In additional, Cover and wheel are optional.

Note : "C"&"C1"series have holes in the side wall ; "C2"series have holes in the side wall ;they are all without holes in the bottom ; "L"means crate with Lid ; without "L"means cratewithout Lid.“w" means with wheel, wheel is upon order for special function requirement.

Foldable Crate-C Series Parameter

MoldingMed Foldable Crate -C Series  Description and Advantages

1: C series foldable crate raw material is PP which contributes to its light weight and long service life.

2: C series foldable crate is based on the standardization, unitization and specialization of logistics containers, with the goal of saving cost and improving efficiency, the volume after folding is only 1/5-1/3 of the volume when assembled, which has the advantages of less land occupation and convenient combination.

3: All dimensional specifications are obtained through rigorous mathematical calculations. They can be used in combination with standard logistics equipment and it can be stacked neatly and accurately. This is the basic unit for standardization and specialization of logistics containers.

4: C series foldable crate is non-toxic and tasteless, it can be used for food preservation and easy for cleaning. It is widely used in closed-loop distribution systems such as major supermarket chains, 24-hour convenience stores, large distribution centers, department stores, and food processing.

*The box and the bottom are designed with high-density reinforcement in mesh format, which makes the load-bearing force stronger.

*Product and human body contact surface all arc design, not easy to knock.

1.What kind of material is MoldingMed foldable crate injection molded, is it environmentally friendly?

MoldingMed foldable crates adopts HDPE or PP. considering its durability, we have chosen a better material. Its melting speed is 3.6~4.5g/10min, the tensile tension is over 25pa, and the tensile strength is greater than 60%, and the strength of contraction is greater than 40 Map.

2.Why choose MoldingMed foldable crate?

The rear volume of the MoldingMed foldable crate is only 1/5 to 1/3 of the volume of the assembly, which has the advantages of less land occupation and convenient combination.

3.What are the certifications for the MoldingMed foldable crate?

SGS, CE European standards, anti-fall test and company food certification: both Europe and the United States have been certified.

4.What is the minimum quantity for each order?

At present, the company has not specified the minimum order quantity of the product. Customers can be advised to place orders in bulk according to the price. The number of orders placed by the customer will directly correspond to the retail price of the product and the wholesale price.

5.Can each model be customized? How to charge?

Custom colors are available. For C,F,H series foldable crate, if the order more than 1000 sets, free custom color; 500-1000 sets, color custom price needs to add 5%; 200-500 sets, color custom price needs to add 8%; products within 200 sets, not customized colour. As for D series pallet container, less than 100 sets, no custom color; 100-300 sets, the product can be free color customization except the base and the small door; more than 300 sets, can be customized for all colors free of charge.

The smallest specifications can reach 18Kg bearing capacity, and the largest specifications can reach 300kg bearing capacity.


1.Handle with care, not expose to the sun, moisture-proof and dustproof.

2.The plastic foldable crate body should not be often hard hint and heavy hit.

3.Please using the foldable crate in the temperature from -30 to +60 degrees. If the temperature exceeds the range, it will cause the foldable crate body deformation and reduced the service life.

     MoldingMed is a top plastic foldable crate manufacturer in China which was established in 2007. MoldingMed is committed to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of plastic injection machine, molds and plastic foldable crates. We have a strong work team with over 50 engineers whom specialized in the development and research of the latest crates mold design, the updating and improvement of mold structure.

     Now we have gain great achievements in 43 new projects, including mold design, machinery manufacturing and plastic foldable crates. MoldingMed focus on offer perfect solutions, technology and service support to customers all over the world. With excellent management measures and high-quality concept, We will adhere to the concept that technology and quality drive development and continue to create miracles.

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