MoldingMed Quality Control

    MoldingMed has a rigorous quality control on plastic foldable crates, folding containers, large foldable container, and plastic pallet production. There is a full complete inspection standard on foldable crate to keep every foldable crate qualified. 


MoldingMed Foldable Crate QC Timeline

    MoldingMed carries out pre-production inspection for foldable crate before mass production.

Before the mass production, MoldingMed will test the mould for more than 2 hours to make sure that MoldingMed foldable crate moulds run stability, and also verify the plastic material durability. Then, MoldingMed will take 10 samples to do a series test, which is listed in below. Only when all 10 samples pass the test, then we start the mass production.


MoldingMed Foldable Crate Inspection Before Mass Production

    Before the mass production, MoldingMed will take the sample to check its surface quality, and to do series tests. If there is any problem, MoldingMed will immediately stop the mass production, and check everything or adjust to solve the problem. Until MoldingMed foldable crate samples can pass all the inspection and tests, then MoldingMed will start the mass production again. After mass production, MoldingMed still do test report to find all the problems, and our staff will double-check the production line of folding crates.


MoldingMed Foldable Crate Inspection After Mass Production

    After the mass production, MoldingMed people will do the spot check again. Any problem finds, MoldingMed people will check each MoldingMed Foldable crate in the same production lot.


MoldingMed Foldable Crate Inspection Before Shipment

    MoldingMed foldable crates will be inspected before shipment to check their surface quality and packing to ensure the foldable crates will be delivered to you safely and satisfying by our esteemed customers.


MoldingMed Foldable Crate Inspection Points


    1. Foldable Crate Dimension Control

    Whether foldable crate dimension is qualified or not influence straightly to the crate folding and stacking. It also leads the space waste if there is a little difference in the dimension. We have a strict inspection on the quality of plastic raw material, and making regularly maintenance and inspection for the foldable crate part moulds to keep the crate dimension.


    2. Foldable Crate Stacking Inspection

    The foldable crate bottom and top fits very well and can keeps in one straight line when stacked 50 layers folded. When filled by 15kg articles of each crate, they won’t slant. We uplift 2cm of the crate corner in the bottom layer, 5 degrees to the floor, they won’t slip.


    3. Foldable Crate Compression Performance Inspection

    We filled each of the foldable crates with 15kg articles, and stacking 10 layers, keep in this condition for more than 24 hours. The bottom layer crate won’t deformation.


    4. Foldable Crate Drop Test

    We filled the foldable crate with 15kg articles, close the lids, and drop from 3 meters height, it won’t fall to pieces.



    MoldingMed offers qualified foldable crates to world-wide customers, our foldable crate can handle the entire above test. Each MoldingMed plastic foldable crate is through above strict inspection to guarantee our product quality and our customers' satisfaction.


    If you are looking for a partner to realize your profit, MoldingMed is your first option!


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