Pallet Container - D series

Pallet Container - D Series 

Model: 1211D

External dimension:1200*1000*1000mm

Inner size: 1126*926*833mm

Folding size:1200*1000*291.5mm 


Loading Weight: 3T

Volume: 860

Material: HDPE

The length and width of the MoldingMed pallet container is fixed, the dimension is 1200*1000mm.But the height is optional based on your requirements. The integral high degree of pallet container after folding is just 291.5mm and the dynamic load-bearing capacity is one ton.

The large pallet container of MoldingMed consists mainly with three parts, the bottom, side and cover. The large pallet container-D series is also called cardboard box. In order to make it easy for customer to use, we designed a small cover on the side. All of MoldingMed' large folding totes are patented with low cost, long life and simplicity feature. The pallet container are easy to fold for storage.

Pallet Container - D Series Specification

Pallet Container D series has good loading performance, stable chemical properties, suitable for large fishing farms, printing bleaching and dyeing factories, electroplating factories, cigarette factories, food factories, tanneries and other product packaging containers; In addition, our D series is also widely used in machinery manufacturing, auto parts, food industry, beverage enterprises, warehousing and logistics, supermarkets, aquaculture and so on.

Pallet Container - D Series Advantages

1. It adopts low pressure high density HDPE for one injection molding, which is resistant to acid and alkali, leak proof, impact resistant and high strength.

2. The bottom of foldable container is the tray structure, mechanical or manual forklift can be operated, easy to store, stackable.

3. Great loading performance, stable chemical properties, it's suitable to use as product packaging containers in large-scale fishery, printing and bleaching plant, electroplating factory, cigarette factory, food factory, leather factory, etc.

4. Widely used in packaging industry, suitable for loading card board solid, liquid, powder, paste and other materials.

5. There are small doors on the long sides of the box, it is more convenient when loading goods.

6. Compared to the wooden and metal box, the plastic collapsible container is long service life and lighter, it will save your shipment cost.

1.What kind of material is MoldingMed foldable crate injection molded, is it environmentally friendly?

MoldingMed foldable crates adopts HDPE or PP. considering its durability, we have chosen a better material. Its melting speed is 3.6~4.5g/10min, the tensile tension is over 25pa, and the tensile strength is greater than 60%, and the strength of contraction is greater than 40 Map.

2.Why choose MoldingMed foldable crate?

The rear volume of the MoldingMed foldable crate is only 1/5 to 1/3 of the volume of the assembly, which has the advantages of less land occupation and convenient combination.

3.What are the certifications for the MoldingMed foldable crate?

SGS, CE European standards, anti-fall test and company food certification: both Europe and the United States have been certified.

4.What is the minimum quantity for each order?

At present, the company has not specified the minimum order quantity of the product. Customers can be advised to place orders in bulk according to the price. The number of orders placed by the customer will directly correspond to the retail price of the product and the wholesale price.

5.Can each model be customized? How to charge?

Custom colors are available. For C,F,H series foldable crate, if the order more than 1000 sets, free custom color; 500-1000 sets, color custom price needs to add 5%; 200-500 sets, color custom price needs to add 8%; products within 200 sets, not customized colour. As for D series pallet container, less than 100 sets, no custom color; 100-300 sets, the product can be free color customization except the base and the small door; more than 300 sets, can be customized for all colors free of charge.

*The bottom of the pallet structure, mechanical or manual forklift can be operated, easy storage, stackable use.

*There are small doors on the long side of the box, which is more convenient for loading goods.

*The matching box cover adopts the inlaid design, which is ash and dust proof .(Note: the box cover cannot bear weight)


1.Handle with care, not expose to the sun, moisture-proof and dustproof.

2.The plastic foldable crate body should not be often hard hint and heavy hit.

3.Please using the foldable crate in the temperature from -30 to +60 degrees. If the temperature exceeds the range, it will cause the foldable crate body deformation and reduced the service life.

MoldingMed is a top plastic foldable crate manufacturer in China which was established in 2007. MoldingMed is committed to R&D, manufacture, sales and service of plastic injection machine, molds and plastic foldable crates. We have a strong work team with over 50 engineers whom specialized in the development and research of the latest crates mold design, the updating and improvement of mold structure.

     Now we have gain great achievements in 43 new projects, including mold design, machinery manufacturing and plastic foldable crates. MoldingMed focus on offer perfect solutions, technology and service support to customers all over the world. With excellent management measures and high-quality concept, We will adhere to the concept that technology and quality drive development and continue to create miracles.

     We can offer OEM & ODM service to any customers for any plastic products.We are sincerely looking forward to your visit.

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