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  • SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container
  • Make Our Life Easier
  • SHG-H 45L plastic collapsible containers can be used for organization around the home,office,or ware house;save room when not in use.Check the Highlights now!
  • SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container is popular for its durable ability with room saving when not in use and cost saving on transport and replacement, and it could be used for organization around the home, office, or ware house… Check more about SHG-H 45L collapsible container here.

    SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container Display
  • Product Model: SHG-543826H Material: PP
  • Open Dimensions:
    OD: 540*370*260 mm
  • Collapsed Height: 5 mm
  • Loading Weight: 25 kg
  • Product Weight: 1.03 kg
  • Volume Capacity: 45 Liters
  • Stacking: 5-7 layers
  • Handles: 2 handle slots
  • Color: red, green,blue (custom)
  • Unfolding the Foldable Plastic Crate in ONE second
    Unfolding Plastic Collapsible Containers
    Folding the Foldable Plastic Crate in TWO seconds
    Folding Plastic Collapsible Containers
    Highlights of SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container
    SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container Highlights
    means the percentage of good features by comparing four type similar container generally.
    According to the feature comparison charts, it’s obvious that SHG-H 45L collapsible container has much more superior performance.
  • Room saving as it could be folded when it is not in use
  • Sturdy and clean storing and stacking
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy transport for large amount
  • Easy to clean by water or wet cloth
  • Designed for maximum load capacity of 25kg
  • SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container Room Saving
    Various Applications of SHG-H 45L Collapsible Container
    Use at Home
    Storing Clothes
    Storing Toys
    Storing Home Tools
    Storing Things at Utility Room
    Use at Office
    Storing Files
    Storing Office Supplies
    Storing of Personal Belongings
    Use at Car
    Storing Tools for Car
    Storing Things after Shopping
    Storing Things for short travel
    45L Collapsible Container Use At Car
    45L Collapsible Container Storing Toys
    Sturdy, Big Volume and Space Saving – makes our life and work easier - everything is in perfect order!
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  • Guarantee Time:usually it is one year. Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.
  • Spare Parts:SHG will prepare a certain amount of spare parts for replacement; it depends on the quality and customers’ requirement.
  • Delivery Time:On time. It depends on the order amount and customers’ requirement.
  • Custom Logo or Words: Screen Printing or other way required
  • Custom Color:allowed when the quantity meet the amount.
    Custom Size:available when huge amount.
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