MoldingMed Collapsible Crate

Today, with the rapid development of logistics, the demand of Foldable Logistics Crate is large, Foldable Crates are more and more widely used all over the world with Light weight, small foot print, convenient  combination which  are widely used in industry of electronic machinery, medicine, automobiles, home  appliances, light industry, food,etc..

MoldingMed is the world famous foldable manufacturer and exporter with the strong ability of R&D department. It has more than 120 different sizes and designs with the complete carious and foldable crates. We are developing in current market with 4 series:foldable crate-C, foldable crate-D, foldable crate H series. and series-F models.

MoldingMed foldable crates, Series D is made on the basis of pallet for the large foldable crate, which is suitable for the factory turn over, product storage. It's a widely used in all kinds of part and  the package of the raw material, arrangement and stacking etc.

Folded circulating series D is to empty the box to reduce the storage room and logistics and transportation costs of the design of logistics products, furthermore it inherits the consistent design of load bearing (dynamic load 1T; static load 4T) of closed cardboard products, and the material HDPE is treated impact strong by foaming. The size and color can be customized.

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