Foldable Crate D Series

MoldingMed is the world famous foldable crate manufacturer and exporter. With the strong ability of R&D department, Sino Holdings Group has developed a very complete series of foldable crate. We mainly series are A series, B series, C series, D series, H series and F series.

Let me make a brief introduction about D series.

As the picture, you can find some features of our foldable crate D series,


1. The with size is 1200*1000mm, available choosing height, 350mm high after folded, it can save a lot of space.

2. This crate is very strong, rate static load is 1 ton, rate moving load is 4 ton. The bottom is a pallet structure, which can be carried by machinery or by forklift, and can be stacked for use.

3. Because of the sealed structure, which can be loaded with solid, liquid, powder, paste products.

4. With cover design, it can prevent dust from entering the inside of the cargo.


If you want to buy foldable crate product, and want to know more about foldable crate detail, welcome to inquiry with us, I will offer best solution for your project. 

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