How to Use SHG Foldable Crates

SHG Plastic Foldable Crates

Use plastic foldable crates correctly could prolong the crate life. Foldable Crates could be regarded as upgraded plastic crates, for saving room about 75-80% when not be used. Hence, plastic foldable crates save cost on transportation and storage.

Here are some tips for using SHG plastic foldable crates:

1. Make all parts in right places when you folding and unfolding crates. It avoids unnecessary crates broken by accident. Such as the crates would be unstable as wrong unfolding, leading further cost for usage.

List the SHG-F crate' unfolding and folding process as an example:

unfolding & folding crates process


2. Avoid foldable crate dropping from high place, otherwise, there would be damages at the crate or the joint of the pin shaft.


3. The goods should be placed evenly in the crates and better with some space left on the top. It could avoid crates collapse at any moment.


4. When stacking the crates, make sure that the upper and lower crates are placed flush. It is better to gently push them with hands to ensure that they are in good order.


5. Regular maintenance to ensure the crates' strength.


Use plastic foldable crates rationally to guarantee their long life, and you enjoy the lower usage cost.