SHG-D Foldable Crate Test - Compressive Strength

SHG-D Crate

SHG-D - D Series Large Foldable Container - makes it unique by its high strength. It's common that the crates shall be stacked no matter for storage or transport, which requires excellent strength especially for such large foldable crates! Hence, here show you the SHG-D crate test for compressive strength.


SHG-D Crate Compressive Test: measure and calculate the pressure limit of the bottom foldable crate can withstand under simulating normal stacking conditions. Make it simple, you can image that those large crates loading the a certain heavy are stacked one by one, and then observe whether the crates is damaged such as fission or deformation, finally, calculate the compressive strength based on formula: F=W*9.8*(N-1)*2 (F: compressive strength, W: total weight of crate and heavy (kg), N: stack numbers, 2: Coefficient of deterioration).


The compressive strength test is testing the material and structure of crate, if the material or structure is not so good, there would be potentially dangerous: the crate collapses and damages the internal products. That's why SHG-D crate must pass the strict compressive test and be designed well on its material choosing and optimal structure.


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