Plastic Crates Production Line

Plastic Crates Turnkey Solution


SINO Holding Group is China's largest manufacturer and exporter of folding containers and folding crates, located in Southeast China.

We also provide professional Plastic Crates Production Line solutions to improve the efficiency of our customers' plastic crates production.


See how SINO mold for plastic box injection molds to provide excellent solutions:


1. Crate mold analysis

Our team will analyze the items of your target crate to ensure the best design of the crate, then conduct a comprehensive analysis of the mold design of the crate, that our professional team will customize an optimal mold solution for you.


2. DKM Injection molding machine

According to the above mold analysis, professionals recommend a suitable machine for you.Usually, crate are used for fish, fruits, vegetables...450-650SV injection molding machines are often recommended by us.


3. Good service

SINO attaches great importance to service. We create a unique service system of SINO, and our mission is to enable users to create greater value.

Our definition of sales is: when the user's machine starts to operate and the customer is 100% satisfied with our machine and service, the sale is established.


Sino not only offers the general crate line, but also the new 45L Collapsible Container, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.