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Foldable Crate SHG Brand

SHG is the world famous foldable crate innovator and professional foldable crate manufacturer. It owns the most complete varieties and kinds of folding crate, has more than 120 different sizes and designs foldable crates, collapsible crates, normal foldable container and large foldable containers (LFC Containers).  Until now, SHG invested more than 400 sets of plastic injection molds and around 35 sets of injection molding machines, most of the injection molding machines are big tonnage.

SHG foldable crates, folding containers, collapsible crates and large foldable container LFC are innovated with world logistical standard. They combined the advantages of save transportation cost, save the storage parcel, easy installation and easy to handle. In the same time they are strong and firm. SHG various foldable crate are widely used in industry, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

SHG is looking for worldwide countries agency cooperation; welcome for your further inquiries for various SHG brand foldable crates.

SHG supplies huge quantities of various foldable crates to all over the world. The manufacturing of foldable crates are including below 4 series:
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Zhejiang, China P.C. 318020
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SHG is a professional foldable crate manufacturer in China.It develops itself into producing and offering high quality foldable crate.We are still in innovating in order to make best foldable crate to satisfy people’s requirements.
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SHG foldable crate is always in innovating the appearance and quality of our crates to satisfy more clients‿requirements.According to the different methods of folding,it divides into two folding ways.
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The dividing line
SHG foldable crate has four series,including A series,B series,C series and D series.A series and B series have many different sizes,you can choose the best one for your project.
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