SHG Collapsible Storage Box

Folding Container

Does your factory still use the old Crate? The old Crate not only covers a large area, but also increases the transportation cost...  

Check out Foldable Crate by Sino!  To give you.


SINO Holding Group is China's largest manufacturer and exporter of Foldable Containers and Crates, located in southeast China.

Through R & D and market research, the company has continuously introduced a variety of sizes, color customization, customized logo and other collapsible storage box series products. Up to now, the company has 80 tons to 4,000 tons of hundreds of crates mold, injection molding machine 35 sets. In addition, crate sales agents have grown to hundreds of thousands.


SHG Collapsible Storage Box has the advantages of detachable, convenient and quick.  It can save 80-90 space after folding.  Therefore, foldable cartons with its light weight, easy to fold, less storage and other advantages are widely used in fruit stores, supermarkets, simple logistics, automobiles, home appliances and other working systems.  It will simplify the logistics process and greatly reduce warehousing and transportation costs for customers.

SHG foldable crates also have all kinds of volume, including 45L Collapsible Container , SHG H series also applies to car and household. Pack children’s toys and all sorts of sundry.