Logistic Collapsible Crates Solution - SHG
Logistic Collapsible Crates Solution - SHG
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  • Reusable & Resistance Collapsible Crates Solution

    SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is devoted on providing saving time & money plastic collapsible crate solution. With the help of R&D development and marketing research, SHG continuous forced on develop kinds of collapsible storage box series with various dimension, color customization, custom logo and so on. Till now, SHG factory had already owned hundreds crate molds and 35 sets injection molding machines with tonnage from 80 ton to 4000ton. Besides, crates distribution agents had grew up to hundreds and thousands.

  • 100% Virgin Material
  • New environmental-friendly materials, anti-drop, moisture-proof, oil-proof, easy to clean, durable, safer packaging
  • European Standard Size
  • Crates size is meet international standard and can be used with standard pallets, forklifts, hydraulic trucks and turtles.
  • Collapsible & Combine Design
  • Partial damage does not need to be scrapped as a whole, and the corresponding accessories can be replaced, and the operation is simple, and the long-term use cost is lower.
  • Strong & Stackable
  • 6040 crate series single loading weight is 45kg, stacking 5 layers without deformation, no cracking
  • Multiple certificates
  • Appearance patent, SGS certification, quality management system certification, raw material quality inspection report, etc.
  • After-sale protection
  • Adequate accessories, high response after-sales service
  • Plastic Collapsible Crates Saving Room
    Plastic Collapsible Crates Versatility
    Looking for high efficiency collapsible crates packaging? It's SHG
  • Experienced work team
  • More than 20 years crate molding experience, SHG team forced on comfortable handle innovation.
  • Reliable Package & shipping
  • Bottom pallet for stacking crates, and outside with film wrap and tie strapping
  • Eco-Friendly
  • RoHS certifiable , no harmful substances, environment-friendly
  • Plastic Collapsible Crates Certificate
    Plastic Collapsible Crates Material
    Plastic Collapsible Crates Production
    Plastic Collapsible Crates - SHG
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    SHG foldable storage box had advantage of easy and quick assembling and disassembling. After folding, space could save 80%. Hence, with the advantage of light weight, easy folding ways, less warehousing, collapsible boxes are widely used in fruit shop, supermarket, logistic simple, auto & home appliance working system. And it will simple logistic process and greatly reduce the cost of storage and transportation for customers.

  • Plastic Collapsible Crates' Ergonomic Design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Plastic Collapsible Crates' Pin Shaft Design
  • Pin shaft design will be stronger
  • Plastic Collapsible Crates' Non-slip Design
  • Bottom non-slip design - safety
  • Plastic Collapsible Crates' Crossover Lid
  • Crossover lid design - better for using
  • Strong Plastic Collapsible Crates
  • Plastic Collapsible Crates' Load Bearing
  • Strong load bearing
  • Opening Ways
    Unfolding the Collapsible Plastic Crate
  • Unfolding Plastic Collapsible Crate 1
  • Unfolding Plastic Collapsible Crate 2
  • Unfolding Plastic Collapsible Crate 3
  • Unfolding Plastic Collapsible Crate 4
  • Folding the Collapsible Plastic Crate
  • Folding Plastic Collapsible Crate 1
  • Folding Plastic Collapsible Crate 2
  • Folding Plastic Collapsible Crate 3
  • Folding Plastic Collapsible Crate 4
  • Custom Collapsible Crate Service

    According your order quantity, SHG provided custom service which contained special logo screen printing logo service, color change service and custom dimension service.
    Large Bulk Container And Pallet Service
    SHG Company, its brother company SINO MOULD and Dakumar Machinery Company, own strong molding capacity in large bulk container molding solution. Due to large bulk mold and machine all need heavy equipment, DKM and SINOMULD have planned 200 tons of load-bearing and lifting load on the floor and lifting device of the workshop. Equipped with 6000 mm * 30000 mm * 26000 mm stroke CNC milling machine. These are the basic guarantee for the production of large machines and molds. These are the basic guarantee for the production of large machines and molds.
    Once your have those large project business but limited by factory and equipment, fell free to contact SHG.

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    Screen Printing Logo Change Service
    Crates Color Change Service
    Custom Crate Dimension Service
    Pallet Service
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