SHG Collapsible Crate

Transport Crate

In the rapid development of logistics today, there is a great demand for collapsible crates. Collapsible Crates are more and more widely used in electronic machinery, medicine, automobile, home appliances, light industry, food and other industries with the advantages of light weight, small footprint and convenient combination.  


SHG is a world famous manufacturer and exporter of foldable products with strong research and development capabilities.  It comes in more than 120 different sizes and designs with complete caries and foldable crates.  We currently have 4 series on the market: Foldable Crate -A, Foldable Crate - B, Foldable Crate - C and D Series.  


D Series SHG folding crate size is 1200*1000mm, height is optional, after folding height is optional 350mm.  Static load 4 tons, dynamic load 1 tons, strong impact resistance.  Sizes and colors are customizable.  The company has applied for the design patent.  

As a world famous folding bag innovation enterprise and professional folding bag manufacturer, SINO Group is looking for agency cooperation from all over the world.  You are welcome to make further inquiries about folding crates.  


Now the new 45L Collapsible Container are coming, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.If you are interested in our products, please feel free to call me at your leisure.