Notes On The Operating And Maintenance Of Foldable Crate


Sino Holdings Group is a professional manufacturer of various foldable crate with more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of foldable crate. Sino Holdings Group various foldable crates are widely used in the warehousing, the logistics industry, ect. Then how to use the foldable crates properly and maintain it? There are 7 points about foldable crates maintenance knowledge an instructions for your reference:

1.Generally, the foldable crate without flame retardant material is flammable and should be kept away from open flames when stored or used.

2.Foldable crate should be protected from frequent mechanical damage such as heavy collisions and heavy blows.

3.When placing the goods in the foldable crate, it should be placed evenly to avoid pressing the sharp surface directly on the bottom of the foldable crate, otherwise the foldable crate will be skewed or damaged due to uneven force, and the goods in the crate will be damaged.

4.When matching pallets for foldable crate, considering whether their dimensions are suitable for the pallets, and skewed or damaged due to improper dimensions or placement should be avoided.

5.When storing foldable crate, the bearing weight of themselves should be considered, and the stacking height should be limited.

6.Within -30℃~60℃, dustproof and moisture-proof. Avoiding irradiation under strong ultraviolet light, so as not to cause aging, resulting in reduced toughness, strength, shorten service life.

7.When opening them, the foldable crate with clip must be clipped in place, and the clip should not be worn frequently, otherwise the crate will not fasten or fasten firmly.

If you are using a foldable crate now, you must have a better understanding of the precautions for using a foldable crate. If you are interested in our products, please leave a message for consultation, we will contact you as soon as possible.