Multi-Cavity Cap Mold

Flip the Cap Mold

With the development of packaging industry, tube embryo and lid is one of the main markets.

Therefore, as a leading mould supplier in China, SINO has professional technology and team in the manufacturing of Cap Mold.

We can customize the Multi-Cavity Cap Mold according to your production requirements.

BTW, we can still offer a production line solution to create a one-stop shop for your new factory.For the cap, there are two forming methods, one is compression molding, the other is Injection Molding.

But injection molding allows us to get more consistent quality than compression molding


We have rich experience in multi-cavity water cap mold, including 4 cavity, 8 cavity, 16 cavity, 24 cavity, 32 cavity, 48 cavity, 72 cavity, etc. Our cover mold is made of stainless steel S136 produced by STAVAX, Sweden. The core and cavity are interlocked insert design. With the optimized cooling system, the cycle time of the water Cap Mold with glass slides can be less than 12s.

Recently, do you want to expand new business, bottle Cap and tube embryo is a good market, if you are interested, welcome to inquire.

Our company also provides 45L Collapsible Container, which can save a lot of costs for your transportation.