How to Save the Cost of Logistics Company Cost by Foldable Crate?

Plastic Foldable Crates

Cost saving on purchase, transportation, storage and management is one of the plastic Foldable Crates highlights. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is the unanimous goal pursued by all logistics companies. Controlling logistics costs has naturally become the focus of their attention, which increasing profits and gaining more room for development. Hence, here list the plastic foldable crate cost saving from three aspects.


·Saving Purchase Cost thanks to Cycle Use

The purchase cost of plastic foldable crates is an important part of the comprehensive logistics cost. Considering the long-term use, the foldable crates are sturdy and durable which can protect the goods better, and is more suitable for long-term turnover and cycle time, compared with disposable packing boxes, though the price is higher. But totally, it saves purchase costs, and reduces resource waste and environmental pollution.


·Saving Storage and Transportation Costs thanks to Standardized Specification

Nowadays, plastic foldable crates have appeared in all walks of life, company shall adopt more efficient distribution methods to meet the growing needs of customers. Hence, the foldable crates based on the standardized design of logistics containers can meet mechanized transportation, thereby improving loading efficiency and saving time and cost. Moreover, it can be folded and stored when it is not in use. After being folded, it is 1/3 or 1/4 of the volume before folding, which saves a lot of storage room compared with wooden boxes, metal boxes, and ordinary plastic boxes. That’s why plastic foldable crates can reduce company transportation and storage costs.


·Saving Management Costs thanks to Intelligent Logistics

In order to achieve more efficient transactions and cooperation between companies, it is necessary to rely on modern and perfect intelligent logistics systems, and modern logistics services that combine high-tech such as the Internet and the Internet of Things, to supervise, adjust and manage the whole process of logistics and transportation in real time. That's some of the top plastic foldable crates have been applied with, so they can convey and process various information accurately and quickly, realizing traceability and tracking functions, and saving management costs.