The Advantage of SHG Foldable Crates F Series

foldable crates F series

SHG is a global brand specializing in foldable crate manufacturer. The quality standard based on world logistical standard.It have a strong design and engineering team,the color and size can be customized according to customer's requirements.It owns the most complete various and collapsible container, has more than 120 different sizes and design .


SHG foldable crates-F series is molded with special HDPE material to achieve highly durability, with have good shock resistance, not easy to break under heavy pressure or strike, and not leave scratch. The height of F foldable crates is only 43mm after folding, which can save 80% of the space. It not only save transportation cost, but also easy to put. F foldable crates have the advantages of strong bearing capacity, up to 25KG. And the packing way is pallet package, it's good for transporting fruits and vegetables.


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