SHG Plastic Foldable Crate

Plastic Foldable Crate

Nowadays, foldable crate is very popular among plastic market. It can transport facilitate and safe, improve traffic volume and reduce transportation costs. It has bending, anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich color and other characteristics. With the development of the plastics industry, plastic foldable crates will be applied to a wider range of fields.

Sino Holdings Group is a world famous foldable crate supplier and manufacturer. We have six main series, foldable crate A series, foldable crate B series, foldable crate C series, foldable crate D series, foldable crate F series and foldable crate H series. Each of our foldable crate adopts R angle treatment, which meets ergonomic requirements. And the color of the foldable crate can be customized, if your MOQ reaches 800 pieces. We are self-produced and sold, we have invested more than 400 sets of plastic injection moulds and around 30 sets of injection molding machines, our products are very cost-effective.

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