The Introduction of SHG Foldable Crate

SHG Foldable Crate

SHG is the world-famous brand, which owns the most complete variety of foldable crates. Our main series are foldable crate A series, foldable crate B series, foldable crate C series, foldable crate D series, Foldable Crate F Series and foldable crate H series.


A series and B series includes with and without hole on the way, which use button folding way. It is easy to assembling, only by click in and pull out. When you use it, you can open the four side, and clip them together by red lock. In the way, you can save 80% of the space.


C series uses inner folding way, the crate body and bottom are designed with high-density stiffeners in a grid format, which has stronger bearing capacity. Please note that it cannot be folded with the lid.


The bottom of D series has a pallet structure, which is convenient for forklift handling. The height after folding is only 350 mm. And the rate static load is 3.5 ton, the rate moving load is 0.75 ton-8 ton. It's suitable for loading liquids, particles, etc.


F series has holes on all sides, which is very suitable for the transportation of fruits and vegetables. And the maximum load is 25KG.


H series adopts a fully enclosed design, and the folded height is only 50mm. It is suitable for car storage and toy storage.


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