SHG Foldable Crate F Series: Fruit & Vegetables

Foldable Crate

Why SHG-F series foldable crate is your ideal choice for fruits & vegetables transportation & storage & display?


When compared with cartons,

  • SHG-F series with superior design on reasonable structure and strength can avoid goods losses during stacking.

  • SHG-F series with humanized design can easy to be opened and used within few steps, and easy to handle and move.

  • SHG-F series with perforated bottom and side walls ensure excellent air circulation and less water retention, can keep the freshness of fruit and vegetables during storage and shipping.

  • SHG-F series is reusable and durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean by water or wet cloth, make your display area clean and beautiful.


When compared with standard crate type,

  • SHG-F series is lightweight, and the height after folding is only 43mm, which can effectively save space of storage and reduce the cost of transportation of empty boxes.


F Series---SHG-604022F,

Dimension: OD 600*400*220mm  ID 570*370*210mm

Weight: 1.55kg

Loading weight: 25kg

Volume: 40L

Material: HDPE

After folding height: 43mm


SHG Foldable Crate F Series are widely used in industry, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, and aquaculture, it's extremely popular and well-received in the market. Whether distributors, retailers, or end-users, can feel the great convenience in using.

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