Foldable Crate H Series

Foldable Crate H Series

Nowadays, foldable crates are becoming more and more popular in the transportation industry, which can not only save transportation space, but also save transportation cost. With the professional design team and R&D team, SHG has developed more than 120 different sizes and designs. Until now, we have invested more than 400 sets of injection moulds and more than 40 injection molding machines. Our main models are A series, B series, C series, D series. We have also recently developed the H-series and F-series. All our foldable crates are made according to international logistics standards, we can recommend the most suitable products to you based on your different needs.


Let me introduce our recently developed H series,


Foldable Crate H Series are suitable for car storage and home storage. It mainly has two models: 549726H and 443020H. It has no hole on the four walls, which can hold small products. It has handles designed for easy carrying. The maximum weight is 25KG, which can put some heavy products. Besides it can be folded when you are not using it, and the volume after folding is only 1/4 of the volume.


If you want to buy the foldable crate, pls kindly enquiry us, I am sure you must be deeply impressed by our professional and service.