The Introduction of F Series Foldable Crates

foldable crates F series

F series foldable crates weight is light, and the volume after folding is 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole volume. It can save time and space, they are strong and firm, and is widely used in closed-loop distribution system centers such as large electrical and electronic assembly plants, OEMs, fruit and vegetable operation centers, large department stores, chain supermarkets, etc.


F series foldable crates innovated with word logistical standard. The same part of F series foldable crates are independent, which can be exchanged and replaced. When the folded side or bottom is broken, you can replace it with a new one and assemble it again.


F series foldable crates can be stacked, which gives you more free space to make better use of possible space. These boxes can be put away when they are not needed.


We can customize the color of the F series foldable crate, but our MOQ is more than 1000 pieces. We also have offered foldable crates turnkey service in many different countries, such as Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Egypt, Algeria and so on. If you are interested, pls kindly contact me, I am glad to share technical points and offer best price for you.