SHG Collapsible Series---D

D Series Foldable Containers

Sino Holding Group is Chinese largest Folding Container and Foldable Crate manufacturer and exporter, located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province China.


The manufacturing of Foldable Crate are inculding 7 series, A, B, C, D,F,H series.

Today, Let me introduce you to the D series folding box.

Foldable Crate D Series ,SHG folding width size 1200 x1000mm, height is, to choose from, after folding height is 350 mm, the dynamic bearing capacity is 1 ton, static bearing capacity of 3 tons, SHG turnover box design patent protection.


Foldable Crate D Series, compared with other series Foldable Crate , can hold more items,  long side of the enclosure door, when the cargo is more convenient. therefore, it is widely used in the logistics transportation of large goods.  Not only in the transport above has a good reflection, but also can save a lot of storage space.


Good load performance, stable chemical performance, apply to large fish, electroplating factory, cigarette factories, food factories, tanneries, product packaging container.  Widely used in textile dyeing and printing; mechanical manufacturing; auto parts; food enterprises; beverage companies; warehousing logistics; the supermarket sells.


Now the new 45L Collapsible Container are coming, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.