Collapsible Container

 Collapsible Container

Collapsible Container, SHG is an industry leading manufacturer of collapsible containers. It owns the most complete various and foldable crates.SHG foldable crates has more than 120 different sizes and design, meet the needs of all walks of life.

SHG foldable crates have A series,B series,C series, D series, F series and H series. All of type by load-bearing,stacking, anti-slip test .

About C series, C series is hot selling item. Its use inner folding way and diversification of choice, it have with hole and without hole, with wheel and without wheel. And all kinds of dimensional diversity for you choose.

C series inverted folding is very convenience. Easy for cleaning ,arrangement and stacking. The folding height is 76 mm, it can saves a lot of space and cost, the collapsible container.

About D series, SHG foldable crates -D series, with length and width size at 1200*1000mm, available choosing on height. The folding height is 350mm,rate moving load 4 ton. D series it have 9 parts, lid, base long wall, short wall, long wall of the door, chip, shaft, card holder and shaft. You can choose with lid or without lid. Dimensions is 1200*1000*1000mm, the weight is 46kg, the volume is 860L .20'' container quantity is 58pcs, 40''container quantity is 123pcs, 40''HQ container quantity is 144pcs. 

The characteristics of the collapsible container.

1. it can collapsible economic space occupation

2. Convenient storage and transportation

3. Not only moisture-proof, but also corrosion-resistant

4. Light weight and durable

5. It,s stackable and facilitate management

6. Anti-aging

7. Save production cost

The application filed of the collapsible container.

1. food field

2. Medicine field

3. Automobile field

4. Home appliances field

5. Electronic engineering field

SHG foldable crates also have all kinds of volume, including 45L Collapsible Container , SHG H series also applies to car and household. Pack children’s toys and all sorts of sundry.