SHG 40L Collapsible Storage Bins – F series

40L Plastic Collapsible Storage Bins

Here at Sino Holdings Group (SHG), the 40L collapsible storage bins – F series are popular among customers as it helps bring space-saving solution. CHECK its specifications and features now.


Specifications of SHG 40L Collapsible Storage Bins – F series

SHG 40L Collapsible Storage Bins – F series
Item Weight1.55kg
External Dimensions600*400*220mm
Inner Dimension570*370*210mm
Height after Folding43mm
Loading Weight25kg
StyleGrated Wall
ColorGreen (or custom color)



The Easy Folding and Unfolding of SHG 40L Collapsible Storage Bins – F series


Highlights of SHG 40L Collapsible Storage Bins – F series

1. Space and cost saving – the collapsible design. When it is folding, it takes up less space, which saves the room and cost of storage and transport.

2. Good loading weight- heavy duty plastic bins. Help you much on easy transport.

3. Storage well - stackable Design. Help you save storage room even when it is used.

4. Easily view the contents - grated walls, which could help to keep the fresh of fruit and vegetable too.

5. Comfortable side grip handles - humanization design, easy lifting without harm to workers

6. Easy to clean – plastic material, wash it with water or clean with a wet cloth.


Wide-range in Application

The SHG F series - 40L Collapsible Storage Bins could be used for various applications as its durable, light weight and collapsible design, no matter personal use: store toys and sporting equipment, file storage box, or commercial use: fruit and vegetable storing and transport (wholesalers, restaurant caterers), tools storage…


Want it? Kindly contact us now to get the latest price of the 40L Collapsible Storage Bins – F series. SHG could provide excellent solutions for space saving, cost saving, durable packing and transport, via various collapsible bins.