45L Collapsible Container

45L Collapsible Container

SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE is China famous manufacturer and exporter of plastic foldable crates.

SINO SHG plastic foldable crate-C series.

For C series, we have two versions. C1 series and C2 series, C1 series is close version, without hole in the side wall. C2 series is ventilation version ,with hole in the side wall .they are all without holes in the bottom. And you can choose with lid and without lid.

For C series characteristic.

SHG foldable crate - C series use inner folding way and using unit and professional standard to save the cost and space. It can accept easy handing of assembling and disassembling only by click in and pull out. This C series folding height is 76mm. It can save 80% of space, only when use it ,you can open the four side and clip them together by lock. In this way, you do not need many space for the stock of crate itself.

SHG -C series size type.

C series have SHG-604015, SHG-604023, SHG-604028, SHG-604034, SHG-806045 and SHG-806053.

About SHG-604034 C1, this is our best selling type.

Dimensions: OD 800*600*340mm    ID 555*356*317mm

Weight : 3.01kg

Loading weight: 45kg

Volume: 62L

20’’ container quantity: 1500pcs

40’’ container quantity: 3000pcs

40’’ HQ container quantity: 3500pcs

SHG-C series foldable crate raw material is PP, product with light weight and long service life .Poisonless and tasteless, can be used for food, be widely used in supermarkets, 24 hour convenience stores, large distribution centers,department stores, food processing etc.


We are also have another series ,for example, D series , F series and H series 45L collapsible container.